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US Upgrade Sticker/Flat Bookmark Shipping

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Upgrade the US shipping for your sticker and/or flat bookmark-only order here! Just add this listing to your cart, and your shipping will automatically be upgraded to USPS First Class Package with tracking.
NOTE: If you're already purchasing an enamel pin or magnetic bookmark in addition to your stickers and/or flat bookmarks, your shipping will automatically be upgraded! No need to add this to your cart, in that case.

Why do we have to do it this way, instead of simply offering the shipping upgrade in the listings?
Basically: This platform has very problematic shipping rules, which result in double shipping charges for people who want to order stickers and/or flat bookmarks and other items on the same order.
This is the best workaround available, without having to double our platform fees (which would require us to raise the prices of our products, and nobody wants that!!)
We apologize for the inconvenience!